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PTSU Rules

Started by Admin 2021-05-31 at 09:45
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PTSU Rules:

In this section sometimes confusion is created among users or simply some users do not perform the task they said they completed, not complying with our terms and conditions.

Therefore, we establish the following rules for the PTSU section:

For PTSU Advertiser Users:

- The user who creates a task must explain as clearly as possible the work to be done.

- If the task is not clear and creates confusion, we reserve the right to eliminate said task, returning your money to your purchase balance.

- You cannot reject a task that is well done by another user. If you do, first of all, your task will be eliminated and the corresponding money will be deducted from your balance to pay the user and if you do not have a balance in your account, you are exposed to being suspended from our PTC, depending on the case.

- The maximum term to pay users who complete the offers is 15 days. After 15 days, the payment will be automatically assigned to the user.

For users who make the PTSU offers:

- You have a maximum of 5 denials in this section. Which means that after 5 denials, your account will be suspended without prior notice.

- From the second denied attempt, if the task is well explained and you still do not complete it well, the amount of 0.50 rubles will be deducted from your balance, each time.

We believe that a user can make a mistake once while performing the task. But twice, it already starts to be very suspicious.

We do this to eradicate deceptive users from our website.

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