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New Monthly Referral Contest

Started by Admin 2021-06-01 at 10:05
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We announce that starting today we have a new referral contest and now for an amount of 2000 Rubles to distribute!

The previous contest lasted only 7 days and no one managed to meet the conditions to win.

This is why now the contest is extended to 30 days and increases the value of the prize for the winners significantly, from 360 rubles to the amount of 2000 rubles to be distributed in their purchase balance.

To win, you just have to invite as many people as possible and have them join Cashbux, via your referral link.

The prizes to be won will be distributed as follows:

1. Place: 1,000 rubles

2. Place: 500 rubles

3. Place: 250 rubles.

4. Place: 125 rubles

5. Place: 65 rubles

6. Place: 35 rubles

7. Place: 17 rubles

8. Place: 8 rubles


- You can't pay for people to sign up.

- Referrals that join under a VPN or Proxie are not counted.

- You must have collected at least 10 references, of which 4 must be active in the contest period.

This means that these referrals must have made at least 20 clicks since they joined under your referral on Cashbux.

The end of the contest is next July 2 at 0:00 (server time).

The prizes will be delivered to your purchase balance, the day after the contest ended, that is, on July 3.

Any questions or queries you have. Ask in this section.


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